How much is my camper worth?

How much is my camper worth?

Answer #1

Usually these things depreciate a lot after purchase, eg, they don’t increase in value over time but rather decrease. A safe calculation I’d use would be to subtract an average of 10% of the value, starting from year one, for every year of age of the camper.

Eg, to find out how much your camper bought in 1999 is worth in 2009, that you paid $20,000 for: Year one: 18,000 Year two: 16,200 Year three: 14,580 Etc, etc, subtracting 10% each year…this is an approximate only, in the open market (and with the economy the way it is) prices will vary based on location, demand, condition of your merchandise and so on.

Answer #2

how much is my camper worth I have a fiat ducato 19/96 2.4 desiel lovely condision real head turner .

Answer #3

fiat ducato 2.4 deisel camper van 19/96 exelent condision how much is it worth.

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