How much does gimp cost ?

How much does gimp cost if it does I got told to try it instead of photoshop

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They're all free. GIMP will always be free - it is an open source program created by people that love the Linux world. GIMP = Awesome.

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GIMP is made under the GPL GnuPublicLicense.

That license states that it is open source (means everybody who cares can see the programming code) and it's not made by a company but by a team of people who ask you to donate.
Thus you can legally download GIMP - all versions of it - from the producers website and use it for completely free.

But: it would be nice if you donate money, so they can finance any further development work.

GIMP is available for Linux, for Windows and for the Mac.

see for further information.

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Thanks a lot :)

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I don't know about all versions, but mine is free

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