How much do you have to weight to be a flyer for cheerleading?

So I made cheerleading for my highschool and I want to be a flyer and im short and not big and not too small so im nt sure if I need to go on a diet or sumthan to be a flyer?

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It's not just about your size, it's about your flexabilty. Obviously you can't be a thicker girl, but you shouldn't diet! I'm a cheerleader and I absolutely LOVE basing! It's a lot of fun, try all the stunt positions BEFORE you try and do something silly JUST to be a flyer!

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There isn't a specific weight. It's the girl who would be best at it that can be lifted up without straining the bases. I was a flyer and weigh around 90 lbs, but my friend is also an amazing flyer and weighs about 115. It just depends on if you can hold your weight in the air and pull body positions.

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I am a cheerleader for high school on the J.V squad.
no weigh does not matter for flying. I am a flyer and I know for sure im not the lightest on the team :) I weigh around 113 pounds. but im 5'1 :) so dont worrie about weight. and try out flying its lots of fun!! it may seem scary at first but once you get a hang of it its very simple and safe :)
good luck !!

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you do not have to be a certain weight to fly.. last year my flyer was hevier then I was. it just depends on which position you coach wants to to do.. if you are flexiable and have good core strenght your coach will probably make you a flyer.. hope this helps.

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weight really doesnt matter.
the back base takes off a lot of the weight of the flyer for the bases on the side to lift you up.
I've had to lift someone who was 130, and they felt like they weighed 70 ish.

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Im 15 and I weigh 90 lbs.And when I was thinking about trying out for my schools they told me I was too big to be a flyer.

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probly bout 100 lbs, j/k I dont know but I know you have to be very light, probly the lightest in the whole cheerleading squad.

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1st of all just to let you know it dosnt matter how skinny you are it matters hoe muscular and flexible you are also if you could pull your self up in the air, well thts what we do on my squad, and usually it just depends how your coach is.

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well if your right in the middle dont worry about it!
most of the time it depends on the size of the other girls on your squad!
so if most of them are bigger than you your probably going to end up being a flyer, but if most of them are smaller than you, you'll probably be a base or backspot.

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weight does not matter one of the flyers on my squad weigh 125lbs and she's a flyer. I am also a flyer and I weigh 90lbs so it really dosent matter.

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Weight does not matter (:

Some girls may be the skinniest on the squad, but they make themselves the heaviest, because they don't know how to hold they're weight.

No matter how strong a base is, it's the flyer's job to take the weight off, because if she's not the lightest, she knows she won't go anywhere unless she pulls her own weight. So just hold your weight, and practically anyone can lift you.

Also, flexibility may help on your side if your flying, so stretch at home & at your gym, it will make all the difference, and make you a lot more confident as well :)

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I am really light and I am a base but have flown and I weigh 75.1 pounds whoever can be lifted upp easier :)

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It depends on several things if you are going to be a flyer. 1: It depends on your coach. for example: at the beginning of my season the coach told us the most flexible would be the 3 flyers we had. Later, she changed her mind and had the 3 lightest. Now, we have someone who weighs about 150, 143, 119, and 115 and 110 flying. I must now say, it also depends on how much time your coach wants to teach helping you fly. I know this is not nice, but some coach's have favorites and that also plays into who flies. This is very true, it happened to me. I learned how to do a single base on the second time I tried it, and my coach likes the person who weighs 150 and decided to teach her how to do a single base. It took her 2.5 days and she now takes over all of my single bases.

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its not really the weight its more of how skinny you are im not trying to be mine but if you are fat your not a flyer

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It's matters how much you weigh but it mostly matters on how flexible you are and balance you are it does matter how much you weigh because the bases have to be able to pick you up but there this girl on my team that is a little bit bigger than other girls but she is a flyer and she weighs around 90 pounds so it doesn't really matter and your apperence looks if you weigh around 90 pounds and a little bit bigger than the other you still could be a flyer I am a flyer and I weigh around 112 and 5'6 so I would say your weight does matter but it's more on how balance you are and flexible and if the base can pick you up

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