how much do correctional officers and teachers make?

when becoming a correctional officer what do you have to do? do you have to be able to do certain physical activites? and how much do they make? how much does a pre-k or kindergarden teacher make?

Answer #1

thanks that does help ha I don’t know if I want to be a correctional officer anymore im not liking the whole pepper spray thing. I dun even know if that is a lot to get paid im not really sure how much any other jobs make or the normal yearly average is

Answer #2

Correctional officers endure lots of training followed by the worst moment for them all, the pepper spray to the face test. You need to be able to take pepper spray to the face (eyes open) and let it sit for 5 mins without touching or grabbing the water they provide. My cousin just became a correctional officer (female cousin) about 3 months ago and told me about it. If you are okay with the pepper spray test, and you are ready for the challenge go for it!

The starting salary is about $37,000. Here’s a site that may help you out on correctional officer information:

Im not sure about teachers. Hope this helped

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