How much do cigarettes cost in puerto rico?

I googled it, but didn't have much luck. Also, can you take cartons of cigarettes in your luggage or carry on if you are flying?

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They weren't 38.50 anywhere I went and trust me I looked. Thanks Ron

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oh I should mention I bought my cigs in a duty free shop.

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38.50 A CARTON AUGUST 2009

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ummm... well my dad is a pilot and when he was flying with Air Tran, we would go to Puerto Rico. I'm not sure how much they cost, but I don't think you can carry them with you on the flight.

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To answer your question about how much cigarettes are in Puerto Rico. I smoke Newports and I recently took a Cruise and I bought 2 cartons of Newports and it costed me $44.00 even no taxes and all the cigs there were lower than mine. And you can put them in your bags and you don't have to declare them.

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On the cruise your only allowed to bring so many carton's back on the ship but I think it's 12 carton's, but the airlines dont make you declare cigarettes, however they do make you declare cigars, but I had two in my bag and just didn't say anything so...Anyway everywhere I went in the Bahamas the cigs were just as cheap, it's just the United States where they tax the shit out of everything and everyone. thanks

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