How much can a guy cum?

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what do you mean you can show? and yeah, I was looking for the same question and I want an answer, lol this is like the only one

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Believe it or not, the average amount that a man ejaculates is only 1 TEASPOONFUL.

Yes, I know you are all gonna say, I cum much more than this'! Some will and some wont but 1 teaspoonfull is the most common amount.

It always looks more.

Next time, get a teaspoon and measure. You may be very surprised at just how little there is.

It just looks more and spreads out a lot. Dont believe that guys you see in porn movies are average.

They are usually chosen for their large penises and the unusually large amounts they are able to cum. These people are by far the exception and a lot of porn movies film the cum shot from 2 or 3 different angles and then splice these shots all together to make it look like he is cumming two or three times as long and two or three times as much.


For all the guys:
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a lot..but most like a tablespoon. I can show you if you want

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