How much aree nipple piecing?

How much would a nipple piecing be in new york?and where could you go if your under the age

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Over thanksgiving, I was at the beach. I went to a place called 420 and got my belly button pierced and my boyfriend got his nipples pierced. His nipples cost 80 dollars. We asked about getting mine done but I'm just under 18 and they wouldnt do it. They ask for your ID and all. Even at the beach, in a tourist area. You might just have to wait until your eighteen. Although, I have a friend, who has a friend who is certified in piercing and so the friend pierced her nipples unprofessionally.
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I don't think that your allowed to get a nipple piercing, considering the fact that your underage and this type of piercing is considered an ''intimate'' type of piercing. Even with any sort of parental consent I doubt the piercer will actually do it.

As for pricing, It would range anywhere from 50-100 dollars depending on the type of jewelry and if you want both nipples pierced.

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