How much are these worth a pikachu 60 hp & a charizard 120hp?

I have these two pokemon cards how much are they are worth they are in mint condition in-cased in plastic the cards are pikachu 60 hp lv16 #25 and charizard 129 hp lv76#6

Answer #1

it also depends on what series and year the cards are from but the above is right the pikachu card is common and is worth 20 cents the charizard card is a lot rarer and has been seen at prices of $60, but rarely does anyone pay that much for it you might get around $5-$25 for it

Answer #2

ecrater is selling the pikachu card for $0.20 buy it now price and the Charizard card is going anywhere from $10-$60 on ebay not that it is selling at that much. Only saw the one for $10 actaully being bid on/bought

Answer #3

20 cents?!! Nonsense… What you have sounds like rare promo cards. The Flying Pikachu, HP 60, with Growl & Thundershock, is a 1999 promo (Wizards of the Coast Promo) worth at least a few dollars. Maybe more… I see it for $8 at

The Charizard I am unsure of based on what you said but I agree: it is probably worth at least $20 if mint

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