How much are colored contact lenses?

I want to know what is usually the cost for colored contact lenses. I really want to get some but my mom says they might be too expensive. By the way if I do get some colored lenses what eye color do you think would look better? I have medium brown eyes right now which to me are very boring and I want something different and something that would stand out more. I have just one picture of me on my profile page and I want to know what you think would suit me more. I think maybe green ones I’d go for than something like blue lenses. Anyways thanks for the help!

Answer #1

I get colored contacts regularly. The brand I get is Freshlook They usually run about 40$ a box.

good luck(:

Answer #2

it all depends on the brand and if you actually need them to see so the strength also bumps up the price. my sister had a pair of blue ones and she said they cost a little bit more han her regular ones. go to local eye centers. walmart does contacts and glasses check them out.

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