How many words is this?

One of the biggest changes I have ever experienced is moving to Florida from New Jersey. I have new friends and also new weather. It is a lot warmer in Florida than it is in New Jersey. I was closer to my cousins so I got to see them a lot more than I did when I was living in New Jersey. And I `m closer to some of my favorite restaurants! Its has been hard adjusting to the warm weather. But I like it better because we get to go to the beach more. I also have to live with my grandparents now. So I have to sleep in the guest room, and I no longer have a computer in my room, I have to share one with my mom. How many words is this?

Answer #1

they are 131 words, if you want to know how to count it in easy way just write it in microsoft word then click in word count.

Answer #2

131, not counting “How many words is this” at the end.

Answer #3


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