How many time do I feed my fish?

I have 3 gold fish and I dont know how many times do I feed my fish

Answer #1

Feed them twice a day, like a pinch each time. My dad does that and his fish are very helthy and live for a long time! :) Goodluck

Answer #2

I had the same two fish for 3 years. I fed them every other day and only as much food as they could completely eat within five minutes. They were always healthy and brightly colored.

Answer #3

I fed my fish once a day and they died my aunty got the same fish at the same shop at the same day and feeds them every 3 days and there still alive a year later so between 1-3 days I suppose I would go with 1 but whatever you prefer

Answer #4

yes maltesers_ox is correct…

every few days is enough for gold fish

Answer #5

once a day

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