How many players are on an american football team?

You know, I’m not very good with sports - American football, I’m practically clueless about. How many players on an american football team? I know on a soccer team there are 11, but I think there are more on a football team, yes?

Answer #1

30 or 40 something

Answer #2

53 11 on offense, 11 on defense then the rest are backups and special teams players

Answer #3

Well there’s 11 on offense, and 11 on defense (mostly specialized skilled positions)

At the high school level a lot of the players play on both sides of the ball (I played safety and running back), and then in college they pick whichever they are good at……..

So technically 22 main players (then however many substitutes you want), and then you add in special teams, they have 11 also, so at any given time on the field your team will have 11 people…..whether its on offense or defense or special teams

Hope this helps

Answer #4

Unless you have Terrell Owens and then he counts for all 11 on offense.

Answer #5

11 on both defence and offence,but on an NFL team there are 53 players including subs

Answer #6

I think its like 14 on defense and 11 on offense then you got the other players for special teams and subs

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