How many piercing's Does Pein from Naruto Have?

My lil bro watches “Naruto” and wants to know how many peircings Pein has. ( P.S I only have 18 so yahoo people stop flaming me telling me that I have to many

Answer #1

There’s no such thing as “too many piercings”. Whoever says that is a fcking dumbas. lol Get as many as you damn well please, your body… you choice. And I’d say look up the answer for your question. Bet you can find it.

Answer #2

hell I’ve got 36 of them and while there is such a things as too many because like anything people can be addicted to it usually they dont too many is really only up to the person who has them and many people with lots do it for religiouse beleifs or because its part of there culture the only bad thing about peircings is when little kids and teens going out getting holes in there skin without knowing what the consequences are, and what other things it can affect

Answer #3

Depends which pein? The original(nagato), the one the one that fights naruto tords the end of his attack, the one that revives people, the one that summons things, the one that absorbs jutsu, the one that reads peoples minds, or the one that has four faces?

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