How many calories did jews eat a day in the concentration camps???

We were talking about it in class and well I no it wasnt much but still I was jw thats all thanks!!

Answer #1

chronic hunger is a good phrase to use. Read Primo Levi’s Survival in Aushwitz!!

Answer #2

Food, or the lack of it, dominated the consciousness of the concentration camp prisoner. As one survivor clarified: “We have a calendar in Birkenau. It is hunger… Morning is hunger. Afternoon is hunger. Evening is hunger.”

The sanitary conditions were indescribable. There was one bathroom, always out of order, for a hut of four hundred people. … From time to time we would get what they called “soup.” Then they almost cut off the food supply altogether. … Dead people lay outside on the paths of the camp. … Women fought in the gutter for scraps of food garbage. [Testimony given at the Eichmann trial]

Within their first few days, thousands died of hunger, starvation, and disease.

by the sounds of these documents the answer to your question would be zero. It was a terrible moment in history, mans inhumanity to man, the modern crime is the people who say the holocaust never happened. Be thankful you live with freedom and plenty to eat. You never know when either might be taken away.

I hope you will continue to be thoughtful and that this might inspire you to make the world a better place.

Answer #3

Thank you sooo much this hepled me a lot!!!

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