How many advisors are on this site?

How many advisors are on this site?

Answer #1

I think it’s kind of good to have a fair few advisors. If you think about it, many of us are scattered in different parts of the world, so there’s usually a few advisors on at a time. While some aren’t as active as others, the ones that are more active can keep an eye on the board at various times, almost like they’re doing voluntary ‘shifts’.

Answer #2

Yeah thats true about the different parts of the world… we all come from a different culture and background therefore have different answers… better than one!!

Answer #3

The advisors page only lists the most recent ones that have been on the site…so, if you haven’t been giving any advice for a while, you wouldn’t be there, but you’d still be an advisor.

To date, we’ve only removed one from the site (thankfully).

And I’m incredibly appreciative of everybody who helps out.

There are also some people who aren’t advisors that pitch in, send fun mail about potentially bad stuff, etc, which is awesome.

Answer #4

A few… Only about 10 advisors are active(that I know). But then advisors came manier, I think.

Answer #5

I think there are 18… I went to the advisors page and counted. Pretty time-wasting, but I don’t have much else to do with a broken finger… Britz.

Answer #6

whoa… are the ones on the advisor page just the ones that have answered recently?

Answer #7

I just received an email from the dude today and he says there are 45 advisors.

Answer #8

I think there is like around fifty

Answer #9

I believe so. . . . We also got a few people here that think they are advisors that aren’t.

Answer #10

There are quite a few. . . some are not very active at all.

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