How many babies do mice have?

How many babies do mice have? How many of them normally live and normally die?

Answer #1

They can have quite a few. (I think.) At least four or five. Usually they all live.

Answer #2

They can have 3 to 14 babies per litter…with an average of 6 to 8…a female has 5 to 10 litters a year…you do the math…if your female is very fertile (which in captivity they’d be more fertile, due to the good food, and warmth and care)…you could conceivatbly have 140 babies in 12 months…that’s a LOT of mice.


Answer #3

I ‘think’ mice normally have around 6 babies. (I could be wrong).

whether they live or die depends on how healthy the mother is and what environment they are living in. if it is warm where they are- and the mother has been well fed- all of her babies should live.

if she is pretty thin than maybe a couple of the smaller ones won’t make it

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