How long should a hand job last?

me and my ex boyfriend hooked up an di gave him a hand job. it didnt last long at all like not even two minutes before he cummed.

I know its different on every guy but is that normal how long should they be?

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You should know by the sounds he's making as he gets more excited. Or if he's the quiet type you should ask him to let you know.

Somehow I feel it's inappropriate to tell a 13 year old this :S But if she's already doing it, knowledge is power I suppose.

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Your right, as well is mysterywolf.
every guy is different, some take longer to cum than others.

hand jobs can last from 15 seconds to.. whenever really.
I think the longest handjob I've ever given was 10 minutes.

just be sure to stay safe :]

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NEVER HOOK UP WITH AN EX! Hes only USING you! Your no longer in a commited relationship, you shouldnt be doing anything!

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t6his is coming from an guy the trick to making it last longer is to let of when he is about to cum and them get back on it like teasing him.

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Yes it's different on every guy. And depends on how long you want to keep it going, and how excited he is.

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how do you know when there going to c*m, he didnt tell me last time?

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