How long I have to wait for public housing in nyc.

If I have applied for public housing in nyc how long I have to wait for an answer to know if I get the apartment or not.

Answer #1

Sometimes you have to wait about six or seven months for public housing but, I’m not sure. It all depends. For me, it seemed I had to wait to get into public housing for about 4 or 5 months or so. You’ll get the apartment as soon as they call you. I know how you feel on this since I had to be on the waiting list also. Be patient, it won’t be long.

Answer #2

Im apply on 2007 and nothing yet I aint get a interview yet im about to go to the main builden and complain

Answer #3

From the website from NYC Housing Authority;

Within 60 days of receipt of your application you will receive an acknowledgement letter.

The Authority has longer waiting lists and fewer vacancies in the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens. Applicants selecting one of these boroughs as their first choice will probably take longer to be reached on the preliminary waiting list.

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