How long does sperm stay on a penis after ejaculating?

Recently I had sexual intercourse with my boy friend, without a condom and he ejaculated, 20 minutes after this, we had sexual intercourse again, does this mean I could be a risk of being pregnant?

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no it does not mean you are at risk .
if you have unprotected sex and he bust in you is when you are at risk .
if he bust outside of you .
you arent at risk .

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You're at risk for pregnancy simply because you had unprotected sex...the only sperm that wouldn't have been a threat was what was left on the head of his penis...and then you had intercourse YES, you are at risk.


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'Sweet_nicole' thats is incorrect.

Anytime you have unprotected sex, weather he 'pulls out' or not, you are at risk of getting pregnant.
Guys release 'Pre-cum' which they have NO control over.
Also semen that could still be on his penis usually lasts up to about 1 hour after he has ejaculated.

So the short answer is yes you are at risk, not just for pregnancy but also STD's/STI's.

Wait 3-4 weeks to do a pregnancy test otherwise it won't be accurate.
And next time remember to use contraceptives.

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really? I thought it died as soon as it hit air?

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