How long does sperm last

How long would sperm last in a female body before dying?
(her vagina at least)

I didn't ejaculate or anything, but I'm just wondering.
We only had intercourse for about 45 seconds or less.
mm.. 3 times in.. 3 times out to be really specific.

I highly doubt she could be pregnant.

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I also have another question relating to this, does this mean, after not using a condom, the boy ejaculating, and then having sexual intercourse 20 minutes later is there chances of getting pregnant from this?

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okay, I really don't think so either. but she's not answering my text,, and acted really weird on Friday at school.
She also said she hated to talk about it. I think we need to. it's important. anyway.. thanks a lot for everyones advice/help. It makes me feel better.

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Yeah, correct. well.. I believe I'm really mature. I stopped because I didn't want to go to far with this and no condom since I even have one. She just pulled down my shorts and pushed it in herself.. then almost right after that I went out.

But thanks for your little talk.

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nope, she was a virgin, just not close to being one from before. yeah, if I knew if was gonna go that far, I woulda had my condom in my pocket, and not in a drawer.

How long does sperm stay in your body?
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Yeah, but I also had my boxers and shorts still on, and whatever pre cum might have came out,, was rubbed off on my boxers. she took them off at the last minute.

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I dont think she is pregnant...but I would still be a little worried if I were you...and even if she gets her period...girls can get there period up to 3 times and still be pregnant...wait a few days or a week, get her a pregnancy test, try it out and see if something happened...that all you can really do

How long does sperm stay in your system before it dies?
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in the air semen last for about an hour
in the vagina it can last for up to 7 days
usually 5 though
semen is present in pre cum and that can definantly get her pregnant'
and it doesnt matter how long you were in her for
if there was no condom, she can get pregnant

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she was a virgin... from penile vaginal intercourse you mean? has she given a blow job before? kissed someone? you can get stds snd stis from those, a guy should always wear a condom during getting a blow job, not only when putting his penis into her vagina or anus

Is it true that sperm dies once it hits the air?
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Yeah, I thought so.
But I was being extremely smart. ha
I pulled out to go get a condom in my dresser.
So it's good we stopped. After that she had to go home anyway.

Thanks a lot for that help :)

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I wouldn't worry.
since you didn't ejaculate in her then there's a less chance.
there is precum,but that usually contains minimal sperm.

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This question irritates me. I know the last thing you'll be wanting right now is a lecture so I'm going to keep it brief. You are only 15? You are having sex without a condom? It clearly shows that you don't have the maturity to be having sexual intercourse.

Regarding your question, it does not matter if you think you ejaculated or not. Within the first few hours after ejaculation, there is usually some sperm left on the penis. Sperm can remain alive for up to 72 hours after ejaculation.

Sorry about the slight near-rant. I also highly doubt that she could be pregnant but there is always a chance. We don't want any unwanted babies now do we? :)

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boy does this remind me of my first time...

you should be fine, but BE SMARTER!!! It is better to be paranoid and worried about it than to blow it off as "no biggie". I'm glad you are seeking advice on this. Also, related to this, you should get yourself tested for STDs and STIs. You never know if your partner is infected or diseased, even if everything looked alright. Always look at where you are putting your parts... you wouldn't stick your penis in a dark deep hole in the ground in the desert, would you? I didn't think so. Get yourself tested and next time, push her off if you haven't got a condom on! Protect yourself.

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In certain environments such as the female reproductive tract beyond the cervix, sperm can live for as much as five to seven days. The woman's cervical mucus gives this long life to the sperm. In other biological environments such as the vagina, sperm may live only a few hours. In contrast, the egg has a life-span of only about one day from the time it bursts from the ovary. Thus, fertilization can occur anytime live sperm meet up with a live egg, which can happen even if the sperm are deposited up to seven days in advance of ovulation:

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The pre cum is the only thing I was really worried about.

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no lectures, just answering question: about 3 days

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