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How long does oxycotin stay in my system?

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I had cancer 7 years ago and I'm always in pain except when I take my meds (oxycotin). I seen a new dr a year ago and he put me on methadone. He wasn't doing anything for me and I got a new dr but when they wanted to put me on oxycotin again my insurence wouldn't cover it so they put me on morphine. Well to make a long story short, the morphine don't even touch my pain and I have been in pain except when I took some old oxycotins that I had. I'm about to see my dr tomorrow and they told me if the morphine don't work they can have my insurence approve the oxycotin but I'm affraid that they will see that I was taking oxycotin and not the morphine. What I'm trying to ask is does oxycotin test the same as morphine or will they find out that I took oxycotin and what do I need to do to clean out my system to pass. I'm going to cancel my appt for tomorrow and maybe have one thurs or fri. I hope it will be out by then and I will continue to take the morphin they perscribed for me.