How long does oxycotin stay in my system?

I had cancer 7 years ago and I'm always in pain except when I take my meds (oxycotin). I seen a new dr a year ago and he put me on methadone. He wasn't doing anything for me and I got a new dr but when they wanted to put me on oxycotin again my insurence wouldn't cover it so they put me on morphine. Well to make a long story short, the morphine don't even touch my pain and I have been in pain except when I took some old oxycotins that I had. I'm about to see my dr tomorrow and they told me if the morphine don't work they can have my insurence approve the oxycotin but I'm affraid that they will see that I was taking oxycotin and not the morphine. What I'm trying to ask is does oxycotin test the same as morphine or will they find out that I took oxycotin and what do I need to do to clean out my system to pass. I'm going to cancel my appt for tomorrow and maybe have one thurs or fri. I hope it will be out by then and I will continue to take the morphin they perscribed for me.

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With the Micheal Jackson thing that happened with the overdose, if your not perscribe with that type of meds then they just drop you and I'll have a hard time to find another dr to give me my pain meds. I had some oxy's that were over a year old and took them till I could see the dr but when I have so much pain that I can't sit,stand or walk and it hurts to move a muscle. Sometimes I just want to die just to stop my pain. I had a friend who's daughter went through the same thing and she hung herself. I can't waist my life to do something like that cause I love my wife and daughter. I just want the pain to stop and I'm too far gone for any surguries. I'm just in so much pain and the insurence companies want to try cheaper and new things that just don't work. I'm 224#,6' tall and I hope that it's just all gone out of my system by thurs or fri when I make another appt. Thanks for the info, I'll just keep drinking lots of water and take V-12 and hope it's out by then. Sorry for this being so long but I just need to vent out. Another thing about medicare which pisses me off, they say that I could have a surgury to put a morphine pump in me but won't pay for the morphine to go in it. How stupid is that shit!

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Unless they're planning on giving you a drug screen, they only have your word for what you are taking...(unless there is law enforcement involved in some way, I can't see why they'd even bother).

The insurance company isn't going to ask for a drug screen...they will take the Dr.'s word for it, that you have been on morphine...


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If your'e not overweight, 3 to 5 days.
Morphine is a naturally derived opiate and Oxycontin is a synthetic opioid agonist. I imagine they would test differently.
You should have an 'emergency road trip' and postpone your appt. by several days.

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