How long does it take rabbits to bond?

I have two females and they still dont get along after 5 weeks any ideas?

Answer #1

I’m not sure if this will work, but… I read somewhere that if the rabbits go through a stressful event together it helps them bond. so… my suggestion is to take them on a car ride together. if they can tolerate each other put them in the same carrier. if not keep them separate but close enough.

I hope it helps!

Answer #2

maybe 10 minutes if you apply glue on both of them, they will bond well once dried they wil be like siamese bunny rabbits lmao!

Answer #3

Well I’ve never had rabbits, but I had two female guinea pigs, and they never seemed to really bond. They ocasiolally got into fights. I’ve had guinea pigs who became the best of friends, but some just can’t get along.

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