how long does it take for bactrim to get out of your system?

I have been taking bactrim for a sever allergic reaction for two years, and I stopped taking it two months ago because I know it can cause birth defects. I think that I may be pregnant, but im not sure if two months is long enough for it to be out of my system..does anyone know?

Answer #1

Should be aight, unless your over weight, most pills/drugs you put in your body get flushed out naturally in about a month or so. I myself, can smoke all the weed I want, quit for 2-3 weeks, and be clean for a drug test. Just depends on your body.

Answer #2

thanks. im about 135..

Answer #3

If you are pregnant or think you could be, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor.

I can’t actually find that prescription (perhaps it goes by another name?) on either or elsewhere, so it’s tough to say.

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