How long does it take for an I.V bruise to disappear?

I had a stomach virus about a week ago and had to go to the hospital. They tried like * to get the I-V in my veins but missed twice and switched arms. I know it’s normal to bruise a lot after a bad I-V job, which I’m not very happy about, but how long are the bruises supposed to last? It’s not like my arms hurt anymore, but the ugly bruises, which went away in three days when I donated blood about a year ago, are still there and don’t look like they are healing very fast. I’m curious if I should be worried and go back to the doctor about it.

Answer #1

Depends on how bad they are I had 3 in one arm and one in my hand and four in the other arm only because I went to the doctor and hospital stayed a week just bruises lol they will in about a week or so

Answer #2

bruises are going to vary according to the severity, sometimes the act of attempting an I’ve is pretty traumatic , ice packs should help move the process along a bit faster but generally everyone is different and there is no set timeframe for the dissapearance of a bruise- ice them and be patient.

Answer #3

7 - 8 days.

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