How long does home waxing take?

heyy. I recently bought a Sally Hanson waxing kit and I’ve never done this before, so I was wondering, how long does it usually take? I’m planning on waxing my legs, bikini area, and underarms. also, if you’ve got any tips, that’d certainly be great =]

Answer #1

ugh that kit sucked. or maybe I suck :P either way ima try professionals next time. thanks everyone!

Answer #2

depending on the amount of hair and where you want to do it.. but either way it will take longer because its not pros who can do it fast you know?? ahha mines like an hr or 2

Answer #3

I want to buy a sally Hanson waxing kit for a while How much was yours? When waxing make sure you don’t over do it and make sure to follow all of the directions. Hope I helped Good Luck:)

Answer #4

Make sure you apply real thin layer and your hair length is what they suggest in the directions. If too long..could hurt you. Also, you can take a benedryl to reduce redness and also apply baby powder BEFORE the wax for a smoother pull. You can put ice cubes right after to reduce the pain. And apply a conditioning vitamin e oil after to lift off excess wax and condition the skin. Do not plan to leave the home or be seen in public for a few hours. Your skin will become sensitive right after but will subside over time. The more you wax the thinner the hair comes in and hopefully for most stop growing all together. Good Luck…FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS IN THE BOX CAREFULLY!

Answer #5

im not too sure but the best thing to do is read the instructions that come in the box I usually buy the sally hanson bleaching kit so I only know about that but with waxing, try to exfoliate the areas before you wax that will help make the wax stick and get more hair off

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