How long does crack remain in your system?

My niece reportedly smoked crack earlier this week- Tuesday or Wednesday. She was contacted about a job and has to take a urine drug test on Tuesday of next week. Will this drug be out of her system by then? If not, what is the cheapest product; if anything, can we buy for her to take so that she can get a negative result?

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It's a bad idea for your niece to have a job while she is smoking crack then she will have money so she can go out and buy more. I know cocain only stays in your system for about 3 days depending on how much they've done. Crack is made from cocain and baking soda so I'm guessing about a week unless she went on a crazy bindge and is still past out for the next 3 days, if thats the case then maybe a month. If her job is anything serious they will be able to tell any ways because they dont test with pee or saliva instead they drug test with hair and blood. I don't sugest rehab either because this will allow her to meet a lot of crack dealers and other drug addicts only causing her to have bigger problems than getting a job. What I do suggest is a good slap in the face from some one that has experienced the ins and outs of the streets. And a mentor, some one that can positively renforce/redirect where she is headed in life .

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According to LabCorp, it can take up to 72 hours for cocaine to stop showing up in your urine. However, there are documented results of it showing up for up to THREE ENTIRE MONTHS for habitual users.

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There are a number of sites on the internet that list the drugs and how long they take to get out of the system.

Tho I know it'd probably be nice for her to get a job, doing drugs and losing out on a job is a way of pushing someone to their bottom...If she loses out because she had a bad test...maybe she'll start getting the picture.

That's a really stupid reason to not send someone to treatment, rose...there wouldn't be anybody IN treatment if they only allowed clean people.


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72 hours but just stop using it. Makes life easyer

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