How Long do you spend on the internet each day?

I was just wondering how long you spend on the internet each day?!? Do you spend all that time on funadvice…lol…thanks

Answer #1

8am to 10:30pm. Sometimes til midnight. >> >

Answer #2

I spendd a lot of time.. almost the whole day :X but I do have a life , I only get on when im bored. nopeee I dont spend it all on funadvice. on myspace , facebook , all othersitess:)

Answer #3

at least I spend 2 to 3 hours a day.

Answer #4

I spend a lot more time than I should. Haha I’m on here almost all day, but not only this site, I’m also on youtube, freewebs, piczo..I haven’t been on as much lately though. I became obsessed with and then got kicked off for a year..haha so I basically have nothing to do. Sometimes I just sit on Yahoo and/or AIM though..I have this one friend, we email each other 24/7. lol I do have a life though. I’ve been on for like, two hours, and I’m probably going to get off in like, 30 mins or so.

Answer #5

Probably about 10 hours, and 8 of them are on FunAdvice :) But it’s my job, so (I think) it’s OK.

Answer #6

a bunch of time

Answer #7

when I dont have something to do and I cant think of anything better to do..

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