How long do you have to finger yourself before you get an orgasm?

I try but I don’t know how long do to it for. and is it normal for your arm/hand to hurt?

Answer #1

are you a girl or a guy but yes it does hurt I masterbate and it hurt at the begening

Answer #2

yeah your arm and hand hurts im a laid and I finger my girlfriend and my arm and hand hurts/acks.. and it depends when you orgasm because you have to enjoy it…

Answer #3

Every girls sexual drive is different, and I dont believe there is a set time to masturbate before you will orgasm. Sure you may get a sore arm/hand duriing this process. Remember that your clitoris is a sensitive part of your sexual organs, which will probably make you orgasm faster.

If your sore arm is bothering you, you could also try something like a dildo/vibrator which you might find easier to use and more pleasurable.

Good luck and take your time exploring your body :)

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