How long do pregnant dogs stay gone?

My beagle ( inside dog)went out for a pee break and has been gone for 3 days. She is very timid ( rescue dog) and never left our neighborhood. She was due anytime so could she be off having the pups? Do they normally leave home for that? I’m torn between thinking some got her or she is laying somewhere having the pups. I have tore the neighorhood up looking under everything with no luck.

Answer #1

I agree to all P said.

But would add have you been checking your local newspaper in the LOST AND FOUND section to see if anyone has found her. Also call your newspaper and ask them if you can post a free lost ad. Most newspapers will let you post a free 3 day LOST AND FOUND AD.

Have you also called around to any local Vet’s offices?

Answer #2

she was either dog napped or if the father of her pups is not your dog she probably went with him but the don’t really do that not that I know of

Answer #3

She may have even been dognapped. If she is an inside dog she will most probably have her puppies in the house, in a special whelping area that you prepare for her or on a rug or anywhere she finds comfy and safe in the house.

Answer #4

A Beagle follows it’s nose…pregnant of not…but she may very well have holed up somewhere to have those babies since she’s been gone so long…Tear up the neighborhood again, and start looking under buildings…places where she could “nest”…Also, get down to animal control (don’t just call them)…take a picture of her, so they know what she looks like.

Someone might have taken her in, so put some posters up in the grocery stores, and power poles…anywhere where people pass by.

She most certainly didn’t run off with the father dog…and if she’s timid, she probably wasn’t dognapped…A dognapper isn’t going to run down the street trying to catch a dog…


Answer #5

Ditto to magichalo…about the Vet’s offices. People who take in dogs to help them, many times will call around to the Vets (it’s a another place where lots of people come and go)…If she’s packing a rabies tag, your Vet’s office will be on that tag…so don’t forget to call your own Vet.


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