How long do I wait to change a belly ring..?

I was told that with a starter hoop for a belly piercing it heals fast.. well I went through some difficulties and for 2 weeks it was infected but I DID reheal it and now it is fine but I only had it for like 6 weeks and the piercer told me to come back in a week to change it.. I feel like thee hoop is too heavy and its pulling down my belly button so I want to know after the infection its only like a week after.. can I go to the piercer and change it to a barbell..?

Answer #1

yeaa I wanted to change it but they said since I had a infection a hoop is best because when you twirl it you can get the bacteria out but with a barbel you move it up and down and the bacteria goes in and out and back in so yea. . .

Answer #2

use salt water for cleaning, wait atleast 2 weeks to another month, see if theres improvement, I recomend, go for the barbell, thats what I have, I have no issues with it, its easier to clean, and all. Just be careful, now dont touch it as much as you usually do, only for cleaning, good luck, hope it gets better :S Also, I’ve heard of people getting infections, and they had to take it out and wait for it to heal, and re pierce it.

Answer #3

well I actually went to a differetn MORE profesional piercer and they said it will heal in 2 weeks but I don’t know if thats long enough because its peeling and stuff . . .

Answer #4

well when you get a navle ring the tend to hang down a bit, so it may just be that either way you should go back to the piercer to see how its going and ask if its healing properly they dont need to change it unless there is a problem or see a different piercer or even a doctor to ask how its healing and if its normal

Answer #5

my piercer said to come back after a week but after a week it had gotten infected soo I coudlnt do that so now its like around 2 months and im scared its gunna rip threw my skinn because its weighing down my skinn

Answer #6

the ring could actually take longer to heal, especially if your moving it and aggrivating the area (prolonging healing time) a navel ring takes at least 3 months to heal, even up to 6 months to a year but its advised not to take it out or change it for at least 3 months

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