How long do I have to wait to retake my road test?

If I fail a road test how long do I have to wait in order to retake it, I have 2mrw and friday to take it. I if I fail I have to take it over and a writen.I’m hoping only 24 hours, not unless I go to another place.

Answer #1

well call your DMV to see if they can get you in those days, dont ask me lol. and um ya that maes sense since your permits about to expire. usually the DMV is so damn busy you cant get in for a week or two, so just call and try. good luck buddy

Answer #2

if you fail the drive test, you have to wait another 2 weeks to take it. in california that is…and you shouldnt have to take the written again if you fail the drive test, unless this will be your third time failing, in which you probably shouldnt have a license anyways lol.

Answer #3

see I’m 19, I had my permit extended, I have 2 days untill it’s up, if I don’t take it within those 2 days I then have to take a writen and the road test, I live in MI so I don’t know how it works, ahhh, is it possible to schedule it for tomorrow?or Friday? or do I have to do it a week or so before hand? F*CK, I’m skrewed

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