How Long Before you can take a pregnancy test?

Do you REALLY have to wait until your first missed period? Its been a week, and I know its probably too early to tell.. how soon before any of you took a pregnancy test [and was it accurate]?

Answer #1

hi I think I might be pregnant but if I am I would only be 2 weeks so could I take a test now or would I have to wait longer please help…

Answer #2

No you can take it now im pretty sure. at least, thats what the comercial says :)

Answer #3

There are some pregnancy tests that you can take 10 days after the time that you think you conceived. I never used them though so I’m not sure how accurate they are.

Answer #4

you need to wait until a minimum of 10 days AFTER conception. until then you don’t have enough of the hormone HCG in your body, this is what maintains a prgnancy…

Answer #5

no you can’t take it now it’s too early. you have to take it after your first missed period, or you can get that first response pregnancy test and take it 5 days BEFORE your missed period, which is the earliest you can take one.

but either way, when the time comes you should take 2 to be sure. false negatives can sometimes happen but false positives are rare.

Answer #6

Thankyou guys

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