What are one or two Michael Jackson songs you like?

All I wont to is who likes him and 1 or 2 songs that they like. Thank you if you answer

Answer #1

billy jean thriller

Answer #2

No I do not like him. Or his music.

In my opinion they both suck, and I still cant believe he wasnt considered guilty of molesting those poor boys,.

To each their own tho.

Answer #3

Yes gosh he was amazing :) hmm thats hard I quite like: the earth song you are not alone

but I love the others too!

Answer #4

I love him and I love his music :)

hmm favorite songs… I wish I could list like 10, but ill say I especially like The way you make me feel and Billie Jean

Answer #5

Bad and thriller Micheal iz like one of my idols

Answer #6

I love his music.Billie Jean, smooth criminal. Those are my personal faves, they always get me in the dancing mood.

Answer #7

another part of me bad cry dangerous earth song give into me heal the world is it scary just good friends keep the faith leave me alone morphine privacy remember the time super fly sister this time around who is it

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