How leopard gecko and red eared slider turtles?

If I had a very very large tank, about 100 gallons, and I set it up to have like 5 inches of water with sand, and a very large Island with a heat lamp. For a red eared slider turtle, Would it get along with a leopard gecko which needs land and the heat lamp as well?

Answer #1

I found my answer today, its a no no because the turtle will eat any thing it can fit in its mouth o_o. I asked at a pet store.

Answer #2

a leopard gecko needs crickets…and they just drown themselves in water…so you’d have to fish them out all the time…I’m sure they’d be fine actually… because the gecko would stay land bound…and the turtle woulnt try to get in the geckos house or anything…bt what about like diseases…

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