How is it that you can lose your virginity riding a horse?

I ride horses a lot and I was just wondering if I could lose my virginity to a horse!

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I seen it happen! >.< !!!

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having sex with a horse... beastiality??!! hahahahahahaha

Are Camels, horses, girrafs, deer and moose all related?

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lol jaz

Horse riding CAN cause your hymen to tear as bimjob explained. That will make your first time having sex less uncomfortable. However you can only lose your virginity if you have had actual intercourse.

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haha no never unless you have sex with the hourse and I dont think your riding him that way no your not going to loose your virginity to a hourse.

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well someone told me and I was like ok, but thanks for the info ill tell them!!lol

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No you can pop your cherry but your still a virgin

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I ride horses too, who in their right mind told you that?

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no, not unless you have sex with it
which would be illegal
your hymen, the thin layer of skin in the entrance of your vagina
can get broken by things like
masturbating, fingers, sex toys, tampons, horse riding, bicycle riding, aggressive sports and exercise
as well as havings sex
and some women arnt even born with one
so because it can get broken by so many other things, your hymen has nothing to do with your virgibity
you are no longer a virgin when a male penis enters your vagina

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Not really.
What horse riding can do is cause the hymen to split or rupture. It is a small flap of tissue that partially blocks the entrance to your opening. Many sports can also rupture the hymen.
Losing your virginity is when you have intercourse for the first time, which will also rupture your hymen if it is still intact.
That is why the presence or absence of a hymen is not an indication of virginity.

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well I couldnt have sex with my horse its a mare!!!

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nope but you can pop your cherry. that happened to me last year riding my off the track thoroughbred mare bareback!!

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