How is it that you can hear yourself thinking...

How is it that when your thinking about something you can actually hear yourself speak in your head? For example if your thinking about a song you can actually play it in your head and hear the singing and beats of the music. Can anyone else do this or is it just me?

When I was writing this I could hear the words I was writing in my head. Its always bugged me, how do we do this?

Answer #1

The voices in your head are one of the attributes that have made us sentient. It is believed that other sentient beings, such as dolphins, also have “voices” in their head. It is my belief that you can hear yourself thinking because we have evolved to use language as a primary method of information exchange, thus making it easier for our mind to understand what the brain is doing. If language was not used I believe the sentience within you would go crazy.

You know how annoying it is when you are playing a game and the computer controls the character for you when you REALLY need to control it? Yeah, that but much worse. However if the computer told you what it was doing (such as ascending the character or something) you wouldn’t be annoyed about it (probably).

Well, that’s my theorem upon the subject.

Answer #2

lol you should try to manifest some other voice to dictate your thoughts, just for fun…say..barry white hahaha. Its really odd you asked this question, I’ve thought about it before too. What if you were a mute and had never heard your own voice? would there still be a voice?

Answer #3

hey ty, if you havent worked out by now that there is a God & that he reated us in own Image then what have you worked out?

Answer #4

Thank you TY! That is definitely how I feel.

As for the question: I actually have multiple personalities and can actually hear multiple people and I tend to have conversations in my head. It’s annoying. However it is much better than when I was younger and was very OCD and counted EVERYTHING! Geesh. And if I didn’t say “six” exactly right I had to keep doing it. And yes, all the counting and reprimanding was in my head.

Answer #5

“hey ty, if you havent worked out by now that there is a God & that he reated us in own Image then what have you worked out?”

hmm you worked that out all by your lonesome little self did you? or have you been around too many preachy folk?

btw, what makes you think I dont believe in God? Because I dont think every answer to every question is, because God said so…?

I think we have a brain for a reason

well atleast some of us have a brain… you’d think evolution would eliminate those without one, but no such luck

Answer #6

OMG GAG ME WITH A SPOON!!!(70s saying I guess)

Answer #7

I just love that I can sing when I want, where I want & I dont bother Noone!!!

Answer #8

sigh, if we answered each question with that’s how God made it, imagine how little we’d have figured out by now

Answer #9

I guess it’s kinda weird O_o I never thought about that before lol

Answer #10

Damn right its awesome! Its like having a built in radio in your head :D

Answer #11

thats 4 Sure, I love it!!

Answer #12

because thats how God made it, isant it Awesome :-)

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