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How is it so far? Its called never forgotten

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Sorry its so long

Never forgotten
By:candice underwood

Kathy woke, tears running down her face. She saw a child about 8 or 9 looking she
Knew nothing about, never talked to, met, or even so much as seen.
She looked at her clock "8:00" she got a
Sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. These dreams started when she got her new bed from a yard sell.
Tears still streaming down her pale skin, she couldn't stay on her bed.
She stood up and pulled down her short,
Purple nightgown that bared her long smooth legs. She grabbed a tissue and
Dried her face and dabbed her ocean blue eyes. Her cat billy peered up at her
With a meaningful and suportive look. She picked up her
Brush and attacked the tangles she gathered during her tossing and turning.
"what a night, huh billy?" she gasped as she pulled the brush from her now strait brown hair.
Billy jumped off the bed and ran through the hallway. "ring, ring ring!" her phone rang.
"I'll let voise mail get it."listen kathy,its darek, I need to talk to you,
Meet me up at iroquois park tonight at 7:00. See ya there." she heard
A click and grabbed her cloths to get dressed.

It was a rainy day, with the smell of the wet grass still in the air, the dogs
Barking in the distance. A perfect day for a stroll in the cemetery. Something in her dream
Told sarah hope and cemetery. Looking down at the tomb stone. Kevin mckingly, beth ellens,
Hellen kingston, finally under a shady tree was "sarah hope". She bent down
To wipe of the dead grass.she read futher "born 1994 died 2001" she touched the marble colored
Stone, just like that she saw something like the dream she had. Sarah was on the bed, kathy slept
In every night. Her arms and legs tied to the bed. Tears were streaming down her bruised face.
"no mister, please! Please don't do it!" sarah started to screamed. Kathy crindged at the sight.
She tried to pull back but she was stuck! She couldn't move! A man walked over to the bed and sat
Beside sarah. "hush little girl... It won't hurt as much time, I promise." the man hissed as he
Draped over her. A tear ran down kathy's cheek as the poor little girl's screams became muffled. I dont know what I'm writing next.