how is it posible I can still turn out to become pregnant?

if you just barley anded my period and I hade unpertected sex can I still turn out pregnant?

Answer #1

Yes. You can get pregnant at ANY time, even ON your period. If your going to have unprotected sex I suggest you be on the pill. hope I helped.

Answer #2

yes even tho you just got it . it means your body was ready. not nesacerily your miind … but yes probly

Answer #3

yeah being 13 is wayyy to young to be having sex, you should wait till your way older belive me, im almost 17, and thinking that I could be pregnant, so becareful from now on, and I learned my lesson from this as well…so becareful your only 13 even then I knew I was’nt ready for sex until I turned 16, which I have’nt done it a lot, just a couple of times with him within the past few months, and it might be a posibility that I could be pregnant, so be careful girl, its scary enough being 16 and wondering if im having a baby now, at 13 I cannot imagine it, any questions ask dont be scared, because I know some people on here are dumb and mean. ttyl..

Answer #4

First off, stop doing that. Its stupid and there is no reason to not use a condom. If you are too embarrassed to buy them then you are not ready for sex. You can get pregnant at any time. If you ovulate while sperm is still alive in your body you can get pregnant. Get on the pill and use condoms to protect yourself from STD’s. 1-4 people that are sexually active have some form of STI so you may want to get checked for that as well. Sad being that you are only 13 and should still be…you know being a kid.

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