How is a blog a good place to vent about best friends?

I’m not really asking how it is but rather asking: Is a blog a good place to vent about best friends?

Like say you have an online blog that you like to post little rants on. Then one day your best friend of 6 years has a fight with you that brings her to tears and makes you skip the rest of the school day. Would it be appropriate for you to then go home, turn on your computer, and write a two page blog post completely telling her off? And then when she gets even more upset about what you say in the blog and asks you to delete that one post would you refuse because she can’t control what you do in your ‘private space’?

In my own opinion you cannot expect to vent about your best friends in an online blog and expect them to be your friend the next day. Its especially rude to then refuse to delete that overly insulting and obsene post only because you say it is ‘private’, if the person you wrote about can read it without logging into the website then it is not by any means private and should be removed upon request.

Answer #1

An online blog that everyone has access to is a stupid place to vent about anyone.

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