How, if im on my period can i still use a dildo?

Excuse the how at the beginning, anyway well im realy horny and I was just about to use my dildo:$ and I discoverdd im on my period? can I still use it ? please answer xx thanks

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girl you can pleasure yourself whenever you want! though when your on your period it will get bloody! but here is an idea! when your in the shower you don't bleed! so do it in the shower!

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If you dildo is a vibrator, use a condom to keep it dry in the shower. Or, use a dark towel under your butt. Good luck!

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Yeah you can it will be messy tho.

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lay down a tarp

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Acorss! Ya it will get messy, but it doesnt matter. What matters is after you use it and it has blood on it (if) Make sure sure sure SURE to clean it off with soap and warm water because if you dont and you use it again, putting all that dried blood back in after in might have grown bactiera can cause you to get the disease TSS

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