How to tell my Mom about this phone bill?

Okay, I was on my phone and everything and I was on the internet, and I was on it because I thought it wasn’t coming up on the phone bill, because before it wasn’t, my mom said that there was nothing wrong with the bill. sooo I sort of snuk the phone one night and was on the internet on my phone for atleast 2hrs.!!! I got a text message from AT&T and it said : You have already exceeded $200!!! :( PLEASE, I NEED HELP! WHAT DO I TELL MY MOM?

Answer #1

opps… facepalm lol

you need to just be honest as this cant be hidden.. best to tell her sooner rather than later in all honesty

Answer #2

Just tell her that you didn’t realise, you made a mistake and you screwed up. Then do what ever you have to, to make itup to her, whether that be paying it back over a period of time, not using your phone or whatever.

Be as honest as you can, she won’t be as likely to kill you if you own up BEFORE she finds out…

Answer #3

Do you have a job or get pocket money? Offer to pay it before she asks and apologize and hand over your phone.

Answer #4

You beg her not to kill you for one. Just tell her you screwed up and hand her the cell phone because you definatly aren’t going to get to use it for a while if ever.

Answer #5

I don’t have money though, and if I do - it is for college.

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