How I know if I love him?

I and my love was in good relation and he starts to ignoring me for nothing even when he was busy he contacted me and support me. For months now he stop calling or answer any calls or messages.

Answer #1

if youve constantly been calling that asshole and he doesnt even bother to call you back even once, just wait for him to come to you. dont make him your main concern cause obviously he has other things on his mind and I totally agree with nelly..

Answer #2

Girl he doesn’t love you. one who loves, never stops caring and making sure his partner is good. don’t tex him or call him anymore. you a strong girl and continue. I mean you must be very young and there are others you can try but always trust. thats the only way you can know who is true and who is not

Answer #3

Before making any desitions I would talk to hima and let him know about everything that is going on and ask him why he is acting that way. Meaby he has things going on or even more dificult things or meaby he is deeling whit different emotions and is not so sure about things at this momnet.

After that make your desition and know everything that is going on then you cansee why is ll this happening.

And if he does break up or you break up know that it’s all ok and you can find someone else. Don’t think that it’s your foult or anathing.


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