How fat is too fat?

for a 15 year old girl what is the average weight and what weight is over weight ???

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I don't put a lot of faith in BMI. According to my body fat analysis I could be at 0% body fat and still be overweight according to my BMI.

If you are really concerned about your health go to your doctor and discuss it with them. If you do need to loose weight your Dr. can get you started on doing so in a healthy maner.

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ha! ok well you can check your bmi which stand s for body mass that is the site im pretty sure, but google bmi and fill in the info! it all depends on your height! an average 15 standing at 5' 5" shud probly weigh from 120-130 but I don't know...I hope this helped, and as long as your healthy and active you shud be fine!:)

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depends on your your bmi

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whats average now and days?
mostly nothing, so dont stress over that kind of stuff, worry bout the important things in life

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lol even though thats funny it dont help lol x

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When you cant fit through your front door without a forklift, you're fat.

I am fat

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