How does it feel for a girl when...?

How does it feel for a girl when you feel up her boobs? I was wondering because I was doing this to my girl earlier today and she didnt like it all that much so just wondering other peoples opinion.

Answer #1

maybe you were just being a little too rough? If a guy gets too rough it just hurts. Ask her if you were hurting her.

Answer #2

“well to be honest us girls mainly do it for you guys “

I told my boyfriend this. lol.

she’s right.

Answer #3

well to be honest us girls mainly do it for you guys ;) it’s something we know you enjoy, but also girls do enjoy it as well, she’s probably just one of the girls that don’t, or she just wasn’t in the mood.

Answer #4

I dont think I was too rough but thanks anyways. I think she was just a bit uncomfortable. =/

Answer #5

Make sure she’s comfortable first Rub them be gentle and what I love is when he sucks on them(:

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