How does eating a girl taste?

Well my boyfriend wants to eat me out but I'm afraid it will taste nasty to him and that would be kinda embarassing don't you think.but how does it taste?do you boys like doing it?do you like the taste or dislike it?

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like the taste don't like doing it.

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Like the other people have said, eating fruit does help make it taste better. I'm bi and I've eaten out a few chicks I don't really mind the taste. Haha. If it's sweeter then that's just a bonus haha. But it really does help if you eat more healthier food and if you shower before. =] Hope this helped. =]

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well, I definitely wouldn't say that I love it! But, when I know I'm pleasuring my girl its worth it. Its a huge turn on for me when I know I can turn a girl on. But, thats just me. And, If you want it to taste better well there are some things that you can do. Like eat sweeter fruits like mangos, pears, bananas, other healthy things etc... and cut down on things with lots of sodium. This will make it taste better at least in my experiences with my girl friend. Hope all goes well!


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okay im straight but my brother tells me every thing about his sex life and one thing that makes your vaj smell and taste better is eating fruits and my brother is one messed up bro telling me about his sex life

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my boyfriend loves doing it, however I ddont like getting it verymuch because I dont like to kiss him after he does it cause not a dog I wouldnt lick myself down there...but anyway eating a lot of fruits gives you a sweet taste acording to my man. and if you get into it guys love that and dont really notice the taste, just shower befoer. :)

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