How does a girl cum? what does cum mean?

how does a girl cum? can a girl cum? what does it mean? please answer meh question!

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A girl usually "cums" when she's horny or wet.
sometimes during an orgasm I guess.
But its clear. not white & sticky crap like guys' cum.
Basically, its water. :/

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a girl doesnt cum
only a male can cum
which happens when he ejaculates and sperm comes out of his penis
a female does not produce sperm
a female can orgasm, and she does get wet down there, but it doesnt have any sperm in it

When a girl gets wet, is it cum or discharge?
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female ejaculation is called squirting...

Can all girls cum or just some of them?
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The female usually has an orgasm when she 'cums'. Look it up on google

How can I make my girl cum quicker ?

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