how do you usually spend your weekend

and why ?

Answer #1

Homework, cleaning my room, chores, out with friends, just the usual.

Answer #2

With my boyfreind. going out, At family and friends house having parties and catching up, with my baby gawjust nephew, on here!, watching telly, the usual, thers nawt to do were I live!

Answer #3

playing soccer qith my friends or going to my cousin house ,but I usually spend it at home with family

Answer #4

~Catching up on housework (because I’m working during the week and am too busy) ~Work on craft projects/painting (it’s my creative outlet) ~Go shopping (get food, supplies I may need for the week) ~Sometimes go out for a meal/movie/coffee (time out with my husband) ~Calling my parents (they’re on the other side of the world, and it’s the only time of the week that our timezones match up without us having to leave for work or go to bed.)

Answer #5

I usualy go 2 town with my friends but I’ve exams atm soo I’ve spent the last two weekends at home revising!

Answer #6

Go into town with friends, shop! :) um, cause its fun :D

Answer #7

House work and cleaning and playing outside and on the computer.

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