How do you type square roots?

Does anyone know how to type the square root symbol? like for example how to write aquare root of 4, but with the actual radical sign? im using microsoft word

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I can't recall the Alt-key combination to get it (plus I'm on a Mac), but if you're using Windows, search on your computer for "charmap" and in there you will find the square root symbol - click it, then click copy, then paste into Word. It should also tell you the Alt key combination for any future use.

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if you want to do square roots on the computer the common way is x^4 thats a square for it put it before the number your squaring and press shift and 6 on your computer and thew sign should show up

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Close overit, but not quite what was asked.
x^4 is x to the 4th power...
x^(1/4) is x to the 4th ROOT
therefore the square root of ' x ' is written x^(1/2)

Alternately, holding down the ALT key while typing 251 on the KEYPAD (not across the top) will produce the special sq. root symbol. This will not work on some web sites.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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