How do you think teeth bleaching works?

Do you think that the teeth bleaching at the mall works or not? it says it will but I’ve never tried it and it is only $25 so I mihgt give it a try.

Answer #1

I’ve seen heaps of studies done on teeth bleaching and whitening. I have naturally very white teeth, so I’ve never tried any of it myself, but from what I gather. Most teeth whiteners and bleaching DO NOT work and that they’re not good for your teeth. There was a study about teeth whitening techniques. A wide rage of methods were tried (including ones done in malls) and none of them actually worked well. And when they did it was astonishing how little the change was. I actually laughed out loud at a woman who did these whitening at the malls. She said that they usually whiten 2 or three shades whiter than your teeth. She showed a picture of the shade differences. THERE WAS NO NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE ! I was thinking, if this woman is promoting it and shows us this, it mustn’t have any great effects. There was one product that did work tho, it was one bought at a pharmacy and it visibly whitened the guys teeth, however it didn’t seem worth it because it wasn’t that much of a difference and the product was so expensive. I’d recommend going to a dentist. There are special cosmetic dentist that specialize in things like teeth whitening and stuff. They’ll know the best way to whiten your teeth without damaging (or the least damage to) them. All normal dentists generally can do teeth whitening (or just a proper clean by a dentist can help), but I’d recommend going to a good quality one to get the best results. If it is possible.

Good luck, hope this helped! xoxo

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