How do you tell you have std's?

Well I went to this party and I did it with this 20 year old and some people said that your most likey to get a std by doing it with older girls

Answer #1

Erm, no. Your most likely to get it if the chick is a wh0re :) condommms dude :D

Answer #2

Lmfao. Whoever the hell told you that, were stupid as fuu*ckk. (: Your most likely to get an STD if THEY have an STD. Useee condoms ! And dont have sex with someone you dont even know.

Symptoms are; Painful urination, Fever, Cloudy urine, Abnormal discharge from the penis, Crusting at the tip of the penis, Sores, lumps, blisters, rashes, or warts on or around the genitals, Pain, swelling, or tenderness in the scrotum (epididymitis), Itching, tingling, pain, or burning of the genitals, Deep pelvic ache (prostatitis), Many STD symptoms may disappear temporarily or change rapidly. This does not signify that the STD has subsided. The doctor may find it more difficult to diagnose your STD after the symptoms have altered. A delay in conducting a timely STD checkup may lead to a more serious illness.

Answer #3

It doesn’t matter what age they are, older or younger you can still get an STD/STI off them. Perhaps you should be learning more about contraception first. : ]

Answer #4

Why are you having sex with ANYONE if you don’t know your facts about STDs?

You are most likely to get it if you do it without a condom. The age of the person isn’t relevant.

Answer #5

You can get an STD at any age at any time. If you think you may have an STD I would get it looked at by a doctor so it doesn’t get worse.

You can see pictures of different STDs here if it helps. [link removed]

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